online content creation

As an experienced online content writers we know how tough it is to maintain a blog and in many cases it’s easier to give up on adding new content to the blog before you ever get your blog off the ground. Right?

If you haven’t added recent content to your blog, and would like to keep it going, because you recognize it’s value as a selling tool to your prospective customers, we encourage you to contact us today. 

Monthly Subscription Service

We offer a monthly subscription service that includes the following daily activiites

* Write one blog post per day

* Submit that new post to all of your social media accounts

* Submit blog post to social booking websites like 

* Submit link for new post to RSS readers & ping websites

* Create five back links to new post

Pricing – We’re very affordable! Contact us today to learn more!

Individual Articles 

Besides our monthly subscription writing service we also can write one-at-a-time articles for you on an as needed basis. Here are our article rates:

* $15 for 300 words

* $25 for 550 words

* $40 for 850 words

* For anything over 850 words please contact us at (541) 604-1777 so we can discuss your project.