Marketing your Bend Oregon is easy if you follow these simple tips....

Marketing your Bend Oregon is easy if you follow these simple tips….

Even If You Don’t Know Marketing You Can Generate More Leads And Sales With These Tips!


By Jeremy Raglin

Its summer time in Central Oregon and for many Bend Oregon Business owners now is the best time than ever for them to market their businesses because with so many people roaming Central Oregon enjoying summer weather a large percentage of sales will come during the next four months.

Although many business owners in Bend, Redmond and Prineville may be thinking “yah, I can just coast for the next few months” the truth is that once the fall and winter months come those same businesses that are thriving now will be starving.

What’s the key to starving or thriving all year long regardless of the economy? It’s marketing…

Where to Start Marketing Your Bend Oregon Business

The first place that you should start marketing your business is online because, in 2014 almost everyone has a smartphone, tablet or some way to access the Internet and if they can’t find a business online it will be like that business doesn’t exist.

You should market your business online by creating a website, blog and then create a social media “presence” on Facebook and Twitter.

Why are these steps important?

Your website will become your 24-7 storefront that people will be able to find even when your are sleeping.

By creating a blog you will be able to connect with potential leads or buyers who will be interested in using your services.

When you create social media accounts you can build audiences who will be reading your posts and this is also a great way to sell to people who would be interested in using your products or services.

Yes, You Need To Be Marketing In Print

Print isn’t dead, it’s still more alive than ever and you can spread the word about your business by running regular ads in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly print publications.

When you advertise in print make sure that you always include your phone number, 800 number or website address so people can have a way of contacting you to view your offer regardless if it’s 12:00 am in the morning or on the weekend…

Don’t Forget About Ad Specialty Items

Last of all, but most important.

When marketing locally make sure that you invest in Ad Specs or Ad Specialty Items because, Ad Specs like pens, hats, key chains or coolers have a very high pass along rate and are an effective way to promote your business even long after you have them printed.

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Need Marketing Help?

If you need to kick start your marketing for your Bend Oregon Business contact me today by calling me at (541) 604-1777.

I will be glad to sit down with you over the phone, Skype or in person to discuss with you what’s the right plan of marketing action for your business so you can start growing your business with marketing.

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