How Many Blog Posts To Write

Learn helpful tips on how often to blog and promote your Real Estate business online.

By Jeremy Raglin

As a long time blogger and content writer for the Real Estate industry I’ve been asked this question more than once: how many posts should I be writing for my blog each month?

Although you may be expecting a definitive answer or number, the answer to this question all depends on the following criteria.

Is Your Blog Brand Spanking new?


new blog

If your blog is brand new your goal should be to add content to it because, your blog is also part of your branding efforts and a way of establishing yourself as the “expert” Realtor among other Realtor’s and business in the city, state or town which you live in.

How do I create content for my blog? Good question! Start by writing down a list of questions and answers which you have received from your clients over the years and then create a series of 5 blog posts which deal with the question and then the answer.

You can also create content on so many Real Estate topics like:

What to look for in a Realtor
• How many bedrooms and bathrooms buyers should want in a home
• 7 home staging tips to help your home sell quickly
• Common mistakes home buyers make

As you can see it’s not that hard to come up with ideas for blog content. If you’re still hitting a brick wall when it comes to thinking of content ideas you can find plenty of ideas on websites like, Zillow or Trulia as well too.

Identify Your Target Market and Then Write To Them

Let’s say you want to sell luxury homes, or only sell homes to buyers who are interested in the active lifestyle which your city has to offer, instead of trying to be the listing agent who caters to every buyer and seller you should only write blog content to the target market you want to represent.

Why should you do this? The reason why is because the Internet is all about content and if someone is searching for the best golf courses in your city or state, best bars or top Realtor’s in your area, they will find your blog if your content offers value and is marketed correctly.

How to Promote Your Blog Posts


Once you’ve written up to 50 blog posts you can cut back on writing new blog posts to at least once a week and focus on promoting your blog posts which have been the most popular.

The best way to promote a blog post is to find the top people on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter who are the most active with promoting Real Estate blog content then reach out to them via email and ask them if they would be willing to post your blog posts to their walls so their followers can see them.

Promotion isn’t easy by any means.

The days of posting your blog content to social media websites then forgetting about it are over.

You can still use social media for promoting your posts but taking a more proactive approach with reaching out to the actual social media user is more important these days than just posting the links to your posts to your accounts and forgetting about them.

Include Videos with Your Blog Posts

As a habit I always embed a video in each of the blog posts which I write for my clients because video keeps people on a website longer and Google will often rank a blog post higher if it includes a video too.

Instead of just embedding any video make sure you embed a “relevant” video which has something to do about the topic you’re writing about.

How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?

Over the last year I’ve seen many writers go from writing 300 word blog posts on average to writing posts which are 500, 600 and 1,000+ words for posts in competitive Real Estate markets.

Your minimal goal as a blogger should be to write content that’s no less than 350 words for your local market but if you’re a Realtor in a big city like Portland, San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta or Chicago writing a longer post is always better if you are serious about getting your post ranked on page 1 of Google. 

Should You Include Images In Your Blog Post?

Yes. You should include at least 3 images in your blog posts because, an image captures the attention of the reader and takes them to the next paragraph they are reading.

When including images make sure you also include a caption with the image because, a caption will stop the reader and make them stay on the page longer reading your captions and copy.

When to Blog


I personally like to write blog content the first thing in the morning because I feel that my writing skills are the freshest compared to the afternoon when I feel sleepy, especially after having a late lunch or a beer…

If you’re unable to sit behind a computer and write during different times of the day it’s best to identify the time which works best for you and sit aside that time during your day so you’re writing during the best time for you.

To wrap up the question on how blog posts Realtors should be writing for their blogs the answer to this question is try to write at least 50 to 100 blog posts for a new blog and then once your blog has good “meaty” content which offers value then you should focus on promoting your best posts and building your blogs following online.

For those Realtor’s who already have existing content on their blogs I recommend that they focus on improving the blog posts which they already have and then create a schedule which will have them blogging at least once a week and promoting their best posts for the other 4 days per week.

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