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Is Postcard Marketing Dead? The Answer Is No!

In today’s world we live in the digital age where most major companies are only focusing on digital marketing because they think that’s where their audiences are, and they are right. The reality is that many companies are leaving a ton of money on the table because they are not doing postcard marketing.

What Is Postcard Marketing?

Postcard marketing is obviously YOU, the business owner, sending out a postcard with information about your business, sales or promotions to your customer.

Why does postcard marketing work? This is an easy answer, it works because the second someone pulls a postcard out of their mailbox, they have to look at it.

Contrast postcard marketing to email marketing where anyone who receives an email can easily delete the email without looking at it.

Postcard marketing rocks because once your prospect opens their mailbox, they will automatically view your postcard before they making a decision on what to do with the offer on the card.

postcard marketing

Postcard Marketing Tips

Since you only have a few seconds to capture a prospects attention with postcard marketing, the key to success is to have a great picture and fantastic headline on your postcard followed by quick bullet points which explain your offer and a call to action.

What’s a call to action? This is something that encourages a prospect to call your business phone number, visit your website or email you. Your goal with postcard marketing should be to get your prospect to take action because this is what will get you the highest amount of ROI possible from your post card marketing campaign.

How Much Does Postcard Marketing Cost?

Thankfully, postcard marketing is CHEAP! Many websites offer excellent postcard printing prices and it’s possible to get a great deal of 100 postcards for only $50 to $100 and of course you get a better deal for the more that you order!

What’s even better about postcard marketing is that there are companies that will print and mail your postcards for you so that there’s nothing that you have to do but wait for your campaign to begin.

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