We are only two months into 2016 and the world is changing fast every day, especially in the internet marketing space where technology is changing by the hour but what are the Internet markting tools that you should be using and following to grow your business?

Marketing Dive reported 10 internet marketing trends for 2016 that highlighted the need for everything from mobile to social media. According to their report, internet marketing is overtaking traditional marketing in print and on television. This highlights an emerging trend that shows that consumers and marketers are embracing the new online media. Many publications are creating online versions too, and it allows them to save a lot of money because companies no longer have to pay the cost of postage or supplies.

Other internet marketing trends listed included an emphasis on mobile marketing with apps leading the way, and marketers will need to think mobile first. Social media marketing will become a mainstream marketing channel, and online video will continue to rise as consumers continue to use video as a way to consume content. In fact, video will become so important that Cisco released a report saying that by 2019 about 80 percent of all consumer traffic on the internet will be consumer video as consumers move away from television to streaming video online. Because of the projected growth of video, it will become a must as part of any internet marketing plan.

Source – inquisitor.com

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