How Long Does It Take SEO To Work?

One of the top internet marketing questions of all time is “how long does it take SEO to work”?

This is an understandable question to ask because just about everyone who has an internet presence should be concerned about SEO since it can make the difference between getting a ton of traffic and ROI from a website or getting nothing at all.

The answer to this question really depends on two things: 1. The company or individual that you hire to work on SEO and 2. What their SEO best practices plan of action is.

SEO Can Pay Off Almost Immediately

If done correctly, SEO can pay off almost immediately, especially if it’s done correctly but it can also be something that the website owner never sees any ROI from especially if they are trying to compete for super competitive keywords.

One strategy that any website owner can use to see an immediate return on investment from SEO is to focus on ranking their content for low competition keywords.

To find low competition keywords simply use a keyword research tool, like the Google Keyword Tool, that you can use for finding keywords for your industry/niche and then start creating blog or website content that you can rank for using those keywords.

This strategy works especially well for local businesses since most local businesses like tire shops, mechanics, electrical, construction, and other service-based businesses don’t get a lot of traffic for their local search terms and anyone who knows SEO can rank content for those local keywords fairly easily.

Choose an Up to Date SEO Takes A Plan of Action

There are so many SEO strategies in this day and age that it’s easy to get lost and choose strategies that don’t work, this is why you should always personally interview the SEO “expert” that you hire and make sure that they are using an up to date strategy and tools that actually work.

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