Hillary's Cough

If you’ve been following politics this year it’s not hard to find tons of articles online about Hillary’s Cough, the mysterious cough that seemingly plagues the Democratic Nominee For President of the United States at odd times when she’s on live television.

About Hillary’s Cough

It doesn’t matter if she’s dying, or suffers from seasonal allergies, Hillary’s Cough is a BIG PROBLEM for her because until she explains what’s really going on with her health the Internet will continue to speculate about what health problems she may have and it “could” cost her the presidency especially if she has a coughing fit during a live presidential debate with Donald Trump.

Having a president who is handicapped isn’t new, Franklin D. Roosevelt was crippled and served this country well during it’s darkest times but the only catch is that anything showing footage of FDR’s disability was almost never shown or seen by American’s compared to the Internet that’s always watching, and sees what either Hillary or Donald Trump does instantly, or the day that they do it.

Lesson Learned From Hillary’s Cough 

The biggest lesson from Hillary’s Cough that we can learn is that in today’s world EVERYTHING is documented, especially if you depend on the Internet to get your message across like Hillary Clinton and millions of other people across the United States.

Anyone who works online or uses the Internet regularly should look at Hillary’s Cough as an example of why they want to be careful about what they publish online or have published about them because the image they present will be what people believe especially if the media gets involved with syndicating the image or video of them online.

How To Avoid Problems Online Like Hillary’s Cough 

You may not be running for President of the United States of America but you can encounter the same problem as Hillary Clinton when you have to explain your behavior to your co-workers, business associates, business partner or board of directors, especially if they see a video of you online that may be a little “risque” or someone follows you online and realizes that you like following interests online that might reflect poorly on your business or brand.

To avoid the negative spotlight that Hillary Clinton is going through right now here’s how you can protect your image and personal brand online.:

  • If video of you is to be posted online make sure you know who is taking the video and which websites it will be posted on plus you should ask to see it first.
  • Have separate social media accounts for business and personal use.
  • Use “pen names” for your various online accounts.
  • Avoid following things you’re passionate about when using your business social media accounts.
  • Don’t follow everyone online without viewing their profiles first.

Following these simple tips can save your reputation online and help you to avoid bad PR like Hillary’s Cough.




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