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Google Reservations

Google Reservations – Learn More About the Latest Tool from Google To Grow Your Restaurant Business

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Image credit – search engine land


There’s no doubt that Google is still the king in 2019 when it comes to growing a restaurant business because the natural thing for anyone to do when someone wants to look for a place to eat is to just “google it”. Google Reservations is the “icing on the cake” because it takes the searcher from learning more about a business to reserving a table right through Google!

Why Your Restaurant Needs Google Reservations

If your restaurant has a Google My Business page, it needs Google Reservations because this feature is a vital tool to get more people into your store. It follows the natural progression of the search from someone looking for places to eat in your area, to actually reserving a table instead of clicking out of your profile without taking action.

Google Reservations turns any restaurant Google My Business profile into an actual tool for reserving tables and generating more business for the restaurant instead of it just being a pretty page that doesn’t serve a real purpose.

How to Set This Up

To set up Google Reservations you will need to have a registered Google My Business Profile. This is done by Google sending your business a postcard with a code that you will use to register your profile once the card arrives at your business address.

Once you’ve registered your Google My Business Profile you will need to set up Google Reservations when you’re logged into your profile. This is easy to do because you will have to choose one of Google’s partners to act as the “gateway” for reserving a table through Google. Prices range from $50 per month and up depending on how many customers your store serves on a daily basis.

After you set up Google reservations it will go live in about one week and presto! You will be able to let your customers reserve a table right through your Google My Business profile.

Let Us Set Up Google Reservations For Your Business!

Your restaurant Google My Business profile needs Google Reservations! Contact us today and we will be glad to set this up for you.

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