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Over the years I’ve seen tons of changes in the internet marketing world especially as artificial intelligence (AI) and bots have become a force to be reckoned with online.

In spite of the changes and advancements in technology, good content continues to be the winner in the online marketing space and will continue to win in 2018.


It’s simple. The internet is built on content that people consume or read on an hour by hour basis and it’s going to continue to function that way for the coming future in spite of the influx of technology that tries to fake content, or trick Google into ranking their content higher in the search results.

Good Content = Traffic

Besides offering readers value, good content also equals traffic and it will continue to bring in that traffic month by month, year by year, while bad content is forgotten about, deleted, and left in the recycling bin

I personally have articles online that I wrote 5 years ago which still continue to bring in traffic to my websites, leads, and sales without me having to do anything because that traffic all comes from good content.

I’ve also seen my clients benefit from good content and have found posts that I’ve written for them years ago still ranking online and continuing to bring a steady flow of traffic to their websites.

Content Will Keep Getting Longer

Since 2010 one thing that’s changed about content creation is that it’s certainly getting longer. Why? Google loves long content so marketers like me are more focused these days on writing longer posts which offer our readers tons of value and will make them want to like, share, comment, tweet and post that content online.

Most people hate writing long copy though, myself included, but one useful tool that I’ve found for writing long articles is Google Doc’s dictate tool. With this tool, I can easily dictate a 1000-word article in under one hour.

Yes, Google’s dictate tool isn’t fantastic, and the article requires some editing, but the good news is that what once took me hours to write can be done in half the time.

I’m personally looking forward to 2018 and the challenge of continuing to write engaging content for my clients in an ever-changing world.

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