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Don’t Wait Until the Last Week of January To Schedule New Year’s Greetings

By Jeremy Raglin

Now is a great time to stay in front of your customers by scheduling your New Years greetings to go out on January 1st, 2018, that way once they get back to their computers during the first week of January they will see your message and potentially respond to you.

Sadly, some business owners will forget to mail their lists or contacts a Happy New Year message and end up not thinking about this until the end of January when this message has got to be one of the easiest messages that any owner can send out.

Truth: Sending out holiday-themed emails up to one month after the holiday or event is just LAME. If you don’t have time to schedule the email to go out in advance don’t do it late!

Use A Calendar Program to Help You Remember

As a pro online marketer one of the things that I frequently use to remember all of my internet marketing tasks is a calendar program.

Using programs like Google calendar helps me to remember the wide variety of tasks that I’ve promised to handle for my clients, including email updates like “Happy New Year” message so they can stay in front of their clients without having to do all of the work themselves.

You Don’t Have to Remember Every Holiday, But Birthdays Are Still Important

We all know that business owners are busy because our time is worth money, right? Thankfully when it comes to holidays, you don’t have to remember every single one, just use a calendar program to schedule messages and stay in front of your clients on those important days.

Remembering birthday’s and other important events in your customer’s lives like their anniversaries are also important too because this will show your clients that you really care about their lives and are not out just to earn an extra buck from them.

No Time to Type? Just Inset An E-Card

In today’s world, you don’t even have to spend time typing messages to every client, you can send one e-card to stay in front of them without spending a lot of time on your outreach efforts.

Use websites like to search for free stock photos, add some text to the photo using a program like Microsoft Paint, insert that photo into your email and voila! You have an instant e-card that looks great and didn’t take a lot of time to create.

Remember to Email Your List in 2018

If you learn anything from this post the one important thing I want you to remember to do in 2018 is to email your list.

It doesn’t matter if your list is only 300 strong, or 300,000, it’s an asset to your business and you should take the time to regularly email because if you stop mailing your list for any length of time those subscribers will forget about you.

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