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By Jeremy Raglin

If you’ve been following Donald Trump during the primaries and watched Melania Trump’s speech at the RNC convention this week you may have had the opportunity to compare the text from her speech with Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech at the 2008 Democratic Convention. It’s clear that Mrs. Trump’s speech was plagiarized since both speeches are so similar that it’s almost funny how easy it is to compare the two.

Unfortunately for Trump this is another negative spotlight on his campaign because it’s a sign that his speech writer couldn’t come up with a speech with original ideas and instead resorted to copying a speech almost verbatim that Mrs. Obama gave almost 8 years ago.

Everyone Does It?

In the days following Melania Trump’s speech the Trump campaign has come out in support of their speech writer (bad idea) and said that nobody was going to get fired. Even Vice President Biden has said that everyone borrows text from other speeches when they are writing their speeches.

Although the concept of everyone does it, or as one famous artist said “all artists steal”, does this make it right for a speech writer or copy writer to blatantly copy a well-known speech? Especially knowing that the new speech is going to be watched by millions? The answer is no.

Writing Good Copy Isn’t hard

Yes he’s running for President of the United States, but Donald Trump is faced with the same issue that millions of other businesses around the world face, Trump has to put good copy online to attract the right attention to his brand and the reality is that writing good copy isn’t hard especially if the writer takes 10 minutes to create an original speech, article, webpage or content for their clients to read.

Sadly, in today’s world many businesses go with Trump’s speech writers approach of writing bad copy for their blogs, websites, e-newsletters or online presence and what they don’t know is that their lack of effort to offer real value to their readers is actually hurting their brand online.

Besides writing bad copy, some businesses may also choose an underpaid copy writer on websites like Fiverr to write copy for them, or they may even make the brutal mistake of using a program to “spin” existing content for them so they can use that spun content somewhere online.

Investing in real, original content is vital for Donald Trump and any business who are serious about competing online because competitors are always watching and it’s also easy for them to use tools to do plagiarism checks, as in the Melania Trump speech case, to verify if the content is original or not.

What Donald Trump Needs 


My hope is that Trump ultimately does fire his speech writer (especially if he wins the election) so he can have someone write original content, or speech’s for his administration that inspire and motivate people because this plagiarism episode will only hang over his head like a cloud as people question the originality of his thoughts or speech’s every time.

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