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    Does your business need Oregon SEO? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Oregon SEO is important because regardless if you live in Portland, Bend, Seaside or Grants Pass people are searching for businesses like yours online, via their smartphones, and if they are unable to find your business they will most likely call the first search result that they find on the Internet.  20 years ago you may have been advertising in the Yellow Pages but times have changed my friend and your business need to have an excellent search engine optimized website and online presence if you want to stay competitive. Oregon SEO Is Not Just About Websites…

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    We are only two months into 2016 and the world is changing fast every day, especially in the internet marketing space where technology is changing by the hour but what are the Internet markting tools that you should be using and following to grow your business? Marketing Dive reported 10 internet marketing trends for 2016 that highlighted the need for everything from mobile to social media. According to their report, internet marketing is overtaking traditional marketing in print and on television. This highlights an emerging trend that shows that consumers and marketers are embracing the new online media. Many publications are creating online versions too, and it allows them to save a lot…

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    Why Small Businesses Need Internet Marketers

    There’s no doubt that having an online marketing strategy will get your business found in 2016 and if you don’t have any internet marketing experience (blogging, SEO, social media marketing, PPC, SEM ) it can be difficult to say the least when it comes to understanding the internet and growing your brand online, this is why you need to hire an experienced internet marketer.  Most internet marketers can relate to the feeling of talking to a small business owner, and having them question the value of the service they provide. Once, in a perfect setup, an individual asked us this question, and followed it up by whipping out their phone…

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    Best Email Subject Lines 2015

    Best Email Subject Lines 2015 http://www.jeremyraglinonline.com In this video I share with you the best email subject lines for 2015. Learn how easy it is to increase your open rates simple by changing your subject lines! To get more FREE email marketing training visit my website at http://www.jeremyraglinonline.com

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    Digital Content – How to Get Started With Content Marketing

    Are you thinking about writing digital content and getting started with content marketing? You’ve come to the right place! This article will provide you with a blueprint you can use to get started with content marketing. Step 1 – What Do You Want To Share? Before getting started with content marketing it’s important for you to think about what you have to share with you audience. For example: let’s say that you have a residential plumbing business; the content that you can share with your audience could be content which provides your audience with tips on how they can maintain the plumbing in their homes including their dish washer, water…

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    Internet Marketing News

    5 Big Internet Marketing Mistakes (That Are Incredibly Easy to Make) By Tammy Finch   The Internet is full of “must-do” lists when it comes to web design and Internet marketing. Click through popular blogs, our own included, and you’ll find many different tips on what you have to try, use, or manage if you want to find customers over the Internet. Knowing which mistakes to avoid is just as important as realizing which best practices you have to follow, however. For that reason, we’d like to point out five big Internet marketing mistakes that are incredibly easy to make: 1. Pestering your custome rs. Email marketing is incredibly valuable,…

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    Mobile Marketing That Makes Sense

    From Entrepreneur.com Customers are now searching for and viewing their favorite businesses on their phones much more often than their desktops computers. Mobile devices are the go to source for research, shopping and interacting with companies and conduct business. The need for mobile marketing is higher than ever and brands have to quickly meet this changing landscape if they want to succeed. The first thing you need to do optimize your web presence for mobile, especially given Google’s latest announcement that takes place this month. Make sure your website, email platform and blog are optimized for mobile. Develop and release an app. You need to get involved in the mobile market if…

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    Real Estate Blog Content For Busy Agents

    Do you need you need new Real Estate Blog content or content for your social media marketing campaigns? I can help   Greetings, My name is Jeremy Raglin, I’m a blogger and online marketer for Realtor’s across the United States. I found you online and wanted to see if you needed help with your blogging or online marketing efforts. Although it may seem easy, blogging and online marketing is typically something that most Realtor’s fall behind on especially when they get busy. This is where I come in, I can help you to establish your brand online, saving you time so you can focus on what you do best, buying and…