Multifamily vs. Single Family – Which Option Is Better?

Are you a real estate investor who is planning on buying a new rental property? If so, you may be debating buying a multifamily rental property vs. a single-family rental property. In this article I’ll break down multifamily vs. single family rental properties and provide you with the pros and cons of either option.   […]

Tips for Choosing A Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Are you planning on selling your home? If so, to help you sell your house for the most money possible you should hire a real estate agent. If you’ve never hired a Realtor® before to help you sell a home this article will provide you with a variety of helpful tips on things that you […]

My Best Friend’s Apparel announces the launch of their website

My Best Friend’s Apparel 9725 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy #120 Beaverton, OR 97005 Phone – (503) 515-3170   For Immediate Release Portland, Oregon (January 14, 2019) – My Best Friend Apparel creates apparel that lets you represent the dog or “best friend” in your life. Some of the products we can offer you include […]

How to send email to groups without being flagged as a ‘spammer’

Question: I’m trying to send regular email to my customers from Outlook using a Cox connection, but I have to break the recipients up into many groups. Can you suggest a more efficient way to do this? Answer: Sending a single message to a large number of people can be problematic because of anti-spam tools […]

Don’t Wait Until the Last Week of January To Schedule New Year’s Greetings

By Jeremy Raglin Now is a great time to stay in front of your customers by scheduling your New Years greetings to go out on January 1st, 2018, that way once they get back to their computers during the first week of January they will see your message and potentially respond to you. Sadly, some […]

Never Under Estimate the Power of a Good or Bad Review Online

By Jeremy Raglin Over the last five years, I’ve seen many companies ignore booth good reviews and bad reviews for their businesses and it ultimately cost them big time. Why? The answer is simple. One review, either good or bad can make or break a business because it paints a picture in the mind of […]

Good Content Will Still Win In 2018

From the desk of Jeremy Raglin Over the years I’ve seen tons of changes in the internet marketing world especially as artificial intelligence (AI) and bots have become a force to be reckoned with online. In spite of the changes and advancements in technology, good content continues to be the winner in the online marketing […]

chinese food killeen texas – Call (254) 350-1433 to get on page 1 of Google

  Do you sell Chinese Food Killeen Texas? If so, your business is probably not on page 1 of Google and the reality is that you’re missing out on more than half of internet searches out there from people who are looking for Chinese food in Killeen and the surrounding area. chinese food killeen texas  […]

Fake News Sites – The Ugly Truth That the Media Won’t Admit

By Jeremy Raglin This week one of the biggest stories online is a list of Fake News Sites that Melissa Zimdars, an assistant professor at Merrimack College in Massachusetts posted online. The Fake News Sites spreadsheet that Zimdars created was quickly picked up by the media because, following Donald Trump’s win in the 2016 Election, […]

Internet Marketing Training – Lessons Learned From Hillary’s Cough

If you’ve been following politics this year it’s not hard to find tons of articles online about Hillary’s Cough, the mysterious cough that seemingly plagues the Democratic Nominee For President of the United States at odd times when she’s on live television. About Hillary’s Cough It doesn’t matter if she’s dying, or suffers from seasonal […]