Good Content Will Still Win In 2018

From the desk of Jeremy Raglin Over the years I’ve seen tons of changes in the internet marketing world especially as artificial intelligence (AI) and bots have become a force to be reckoned with online. In spite of the changes and advancements in technology, good content continues to be the winner in the online marketing […]


We are only two months into 2016 and the world is changing fast every day, especially in the internet marketing space where technology is changing by the hour but what are the Internet markting tools that you should be using and following to grow your business? Marketing Dive reported 10 internet marketing trends for 2016 that highlighted the […]

Why Small Businesses Need Internet Marketers

There’s no doubt that having an online marketing strategy will get your business found in 2016 and if you don’t have any internet marketing experience (blogging, SEO, social media marketing, PPC, SEM ) it can be difficult to say the least when it comes to understanding the internet and growing your brand online, this is […]

Internet Marketing News

5 Big Internet Marketing Mistakes (That Are Incredibly Easy to Make) By Tammy Finch   The Internet is full of “must-do” lists when it comes to web design and Internet marketing. Click through popular blogs, our own included, and you’ll find many different tips on what you have to try, use, or manage if you […]

How to Market Your Bend Oregon Business like A Pro

Even If You Don’t Know Marketing You Can Generate More Leads And Sales With These Tips!   By Jeremy Raglin Its summer time in Central Oregon and for many Bend Oregon Business owners now is the best time than ever for them to market their businesses because with so many people roaming Central Oregon enjoying […]

How To Keep Your Oregon Business Going During A Cold Winter

With the cold, Central Oregon business owners know that it’s gotten a little bit harder to continue growing their businesses. With bad weather comes challenges like loss of electricity, internet, natural gas and even damages to a home or office that can keep a business owner out of work for much longer. When these challenges arise many business […]