Mobile Marketing That Makes Sense

From Customers are now searching for and viewing their favorite businesses on their phones much more often than their desktops computers. Mobile devices are the go to source for research, shopping and interacting with companies and conduct business. The need for mobile marketing is higher than ever and brands have to quickly meet this […]

Real Estate Blog Content For Busy Agents

Do you need you need new Real Estate Blog content or content for your social media marketing campaigns? I can help   Greetings, My name is Jeremy Raglin, I’m a blogger and online marketer for Realtor’s across the United States. I found you online and wanted to see if you needed help with your blogging or […]

How many blog posts should real estate agents be writing? Here’s The Answer

By Jeremy Raglin As a long time blogger and content writer for the Real Estate industry I’ve been asked this question more than once: how many posts should I be writing for my blog each month? Although you may be expecting a definitive answer or number, the answer to this question all depends on the […]

How to Market Your Bend Oregon Business like A Pro

Even If You Don’t Know Marketing You Can Generate More Leads And Sales With These Tips!   By Jeremy Raglin Its summer time in Central Oregon and for many Bend Oregon Business owners now is the best time than ever for them to market their businesses because with so many people roaming Central Oregon enjoying […]

Simple Tips To Turn Around Your Business In 2014

With 2014 right around the corner the question that you should be asking yourself is did I accomplish all of my goals for 2013 that I had for my Oregon Business? If the answer is no then you can start the New Year off right by incorporating these two things into your business growth plan […]

Central Oregon Real Estate Agents – Learn How To Promote Real Estate Business Online

As we approach 2014 most Central Oregon Real Estate Agents are sadly not promoting themselves on the Internet, or they are using the Internet incorrectly for promotion, and whenever someone is planning on buying or selling a home in the Central Oregon area searches for a Realtor, or a Central Oregon Home For Sale, that […]

Helicopter Crash Caught On Camera – Top Gear Korea – Top Gear

**This was an accident that was caught on camera during filming for Top Gear Korea. Thankfully no one was seriously injured** The original challenge pitted presenter Kim Jin Pyo in a Corvette ZR1 against an AH1 Cobra helicopter in true Top Gear style. Do you need internet marketing help for your blog or website? Contact […]

How To Keep Your Oregon Business Going During A Cold Winter

With the cold, Central Oregon business owners know that it’s gotten a little bit harder to continue growing their businesses. With bad weather comes challenges like loss of electricity, internet, natural gas and even damages to a home or office that can keep a business owner out of work for much longer. When these challenges arise many business […]