What are the winning email strategies for 2016?

Email Marketing strategies continues to be the #1 thing that every business must become an expert at in 2016 because it doesn’t matter if you have a big or small business with email marketing you can compete with global businesses, generate more leads and ultimately close more sales. Although email marketing is important the BIG […]

Storytelling Marketing – Lessons Learned From the 2016 Presidential Primaries

By Jeremy Raglin One of the biggest news items dominating this year has been the 2016 Presidential Primaries since the White House is up for grabs and the race has been intense between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Through it, all storytelling marketing has been a key marketing tactic that every […]

Why Donald Trump Should Fire His Speech Writer

By Jeremy Raglin If you’ve been following Donald Trump during the primaries and watched Melania Trump’s speech at the RNC convention this week you may have had the opportunity to compare the text from her speech with Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech at the 2008 Democratic Convention. It’s clear that Mrs. Trump’s speech was plagiarized since […]

Oregon SEO

Does your business need Oregon SEO? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Oregon SEO is important because regardless if you live in Portland, Bend, Seaside or Grants Pass people are searching for businesses like yours online, via their smartphones, and if they are unable to find your business they will most likely call […]


We are only two months into 2016 and the world is changing fast every day, especially in the internet marketing space where technology is changing by the hour but what are the Internet markting tools that you should be using and following to grow your business? Marketing Dive reported 10 internet marketing trends for 2016 that highlighted the […]

Why Small Businesses Need Internet Marketers

There’s no doubt that having an online marketing strategy will get your business found in 2016 and if you don’t have any internet marketing experience (blogging, SEO, social media marketing, PPC, SEM ) it can be difficult to say the least when it comes to understanding the internet and growing your brand online, this is […]

Best Email Subject Lines 2015

Best Email Subject Lines 2015 http://www.jeremyraglinonline.com In this video I share with you the best email subject lines for 2015. Learn how easy it is to increase your open rates simple by changing your subject lines! To get more FREE email marketing training visit my website at http://www.jeremyraglinonline.com

Digital Content – How to Get Started With Content Marketing

Are you thinking about writing digital content and getting started with content marketing? You’ve come to the right place! This article will provide you with a blueprint you can use to get started with content marketing. Step 1 – What Do You Want To Share? Before getting started with content marketing it’s important for you […]

Internet Marketing News

5 Big Internet Marketing Mistakes (That Are Incredibly Easy to Make) By Tammy Finch   The Internet is full of “must-do” lists when it comes to web design and Internet marketing. Click through popular blogs, our own included, and you’ll find many different tips on what you have to try, use, or manage if you […]