Copywriting Services


Copywriting Services

Welcome! I offer professional copywriting services to businesses of all sizes worldwide.

My name is Jeremy Raglin, I’ve been a copywriter for 10 years. During this time I’ve written copy for  many business niches including real estate, insurance, small business, investing and internet marketing. 

Since I originally started working in 2010 for a company that required me to write many different types of copy per day, I can easily transition from writing about one topic to the next because I also spend plenty of time to research the industry, product, service or solution that I’m writing about so that I can write great copy!

I’m Not Your Average Copywriter

I’ve written many different types of copy over the years including articles, web pages, e-newsletter content, sales letters, opt-in pages, blog posts and more!

The great thing about working with me is that I provide personalized service and excellent support so that regardless of where you’re located in the world, you can count on a call back or email from me immediately when you contact me to discuss your project.

Besides having years of experience as a copywriter, I also have a sales background. This has always worked to my advantage because any copy that I write for my clients is written with the goal of producing results. When I mean results, I’m talking about sales, calls, clicks, emails or other conversions.

I also know internet marketing and SEO so if you need a long copy article written for your blog, or something else, you can count on me to have the latest internet marketing knowledge that you need to produce content which will be found online. 

Good Copywriting Matters

It doesn’t mater if you’re writing copy for your website, email marketing campaigns, blogs or physical mailers, you need good copy to be written for your business because that copy is a direction reflection on the products, services and or solutions that your business has to offer.

Marketing Copywriting Services

Need content for your marketing campaigns? I can help your business by writing excellent copy for your marketing campaigns that will produce ROI, generate leads and sales for your business.

Copywriting Services Prices

Do you think copywriting services come with expensive prices? It’s more affordable than you think! Contact me today to learn more about how affordable my pricing is and how I can help you!

“When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative.’ I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.” – David Ogilvy

Copywriting Services Near Me

Need copywriting services near your city or state? Thanks to the internet, I can assist your business anywhere you are in the world regardless if your business is in the United States, the UK, or elsewhere in the world.

Content Copywriting Services

Besides writing excellent copy, I can also assist you with writing content for your blog or any other purpose including e-books, PDF’s, papers and more. Learn more about me content copywriting services by getting in touch with me today.

Who Needs Copywriting Services?

These days, it doesn’t matter what type of presence you have online, you need copywriting services. I can assist you with writing excellent copy for all of your marketing needs so that what’s written about your business on your website or online marketing campaigns is an excellent reflection of the values and services that your company offers.

Let Me Be Your Copywriter

In this day and age good copy is more important than ever before! If you need someone you can trust to write blog posts, articles, marketing copy, email copy white label copywriting services, monthly copywriting services or webfx copywriting services, you can count on me for all of the copywriting services that you need.

Let Me Help You With All Of Your Copywriting Needs 

There’s no doubt that copywriting can be a frustrating experience for some people because most people don’t say “yay, I get to write today!”. If this sounds like you, I would like to invite you to contact me to discuss your copywriting needs. 

Let’s sit down via Skype to discuss your project! To get started, please contact me at (254) 217-7416 or email me at to schedule an appointment.

Want to see what other people have to say about working with me? Click here to view my testimonials page or click here to connect with me online. 

Did you know that I’m also an artist as well? If you’re an art lover, click here to view my art website and let’s “geek out” over art!